My Daughter Was Hurt Playing Basketball

My daughter got hurt playing a game of basketball with some of her friends at the local park. She tried to walk home, but she ended up calling me to come get her because she was in a lot of pain. I took her right to the emergency room, because I had no idea if she broke something. They did X-rays there as well as a shot for the pain. They did not see any breaks, so they advised us to see either our regular doctor for followup or a chiropractor in Sacramento.

I didn’t think our primary care physician would do much to help her since the ER doctors did not find anything wrong, so I made an appointment for the following day for her to see the chiropractor that the hospital had recommended. The nurse who helped us a lot in the ER had told us that he is the same chiropractor that she uses too because she is on her feet so much, and she feels great all the time because of the chiropractic care she receives. Her endorsement was enough to convince us because she was so nice to us and really seemed to care.

Her advice was spot on too because my daughter was in a lot of pain after the shot wore off, so she basically limped into the chiropractor’s office holding onto me. She had a spinal adjustment done after the doctor had looked over her records and tests and done a physical examination for himself. She was moving much better after he did that, though there was some lingering pain and a limp still. She went back three more times for adjustments, and she feels absolutely fine now, as if nothing had even happened. I could not be happier with the care she received from both the hospital as well as the chiropractor’s office.